3 Safety Options for your Bathroom Remodeling project

You would find there’s a whole laundry list of options if you’re planning out a handicap bathroom or gearing towards Aging in Place but starting with basics and keeping things simple will give you the best outcome.  Having a qualified contractor pay attention to detail with your needs will benefit you because proper methods and procedures to bring those few safety features that will offer comfort and peace of mind.

Grab bars come in many different sizes and styles – standard builder grade grab bar (stainless steel) or install ones that will look more custom and match up with your faucet finishes.  Sometimes a rounded tubular grab bar may be a little uncomfortable to you so we can also order ones that have molded indents or rubber grips on the inside portion of the bar so you can hold onto it better.  Along with the many options, it’s important to make sure that all the blocking and support behind the wall is installed properly so that you will have no worries of one coming loose.

Slip Resistant tile is a great choice for your bathroom and shower floor.  Many of the tile manufacturers today will rate specific lines for ADA compliance which will narrow down your selections to choose the right finish.  Bathrooms get damp and wet so even if you don’t have mobility problems, a wet floor can cause anyone to slip and fall.  A durable slip rated tile will prevent these accidents from happening and keep everyone safe.

Low-Curb or No-Curb Showers is a great route when mobility is at stake.  If you’re having a hard time getting into the shower whether it’s a tub skirt or a high threshold, a professional can provide a conversion that will allow you to step into the shower with ease.  A low-curb shower will still block off the water so a traditional style shower floor can be installed.  If you need a smooth and barrier free transition because of equipment, a no-curb shower with linear drain or a Wheelchair Accessible Shower can be built.  Either installation will bring a sigh of relief  to you because of the personalized and custom approach to the shower.

All of these options are a great improvement to plan into your bathroom project and a great basis for starting out.  During the design phases, you’ll also want to consider your overall mobility around the room.  Your daily function and routine depends on even the small things like installing towel bars to your comfort settings.

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