Penetrating Sealers for your Tile and Stone projects

Using a penetrating sealer on natural stone tile will preserve and lengthen life span of the install

Almost all stone and tile installations will benefit from some type of sealer as a last step to help keep the install looking great and maintenance easy. There are many types of sealers on the market today including penetrating / impregnating, enhancing, and topical sealers. Each type of sealer works a little differently with varying […]

Different Types of Membrane Underlayment for your Tile Installation

Choosing an underlayment for your tile installation

Traditional underlayments include materials like cement backer board or plywood. While these are great for adding structural support, they won’t provide anti-fracture protection, crack suppression, waterproofing, sound reduction, or vapor management. Today, there are many types of membrane underlayments available to help address issues commonly encountered with stone and tile installations. Sheet membranes, uncoupling membranes, […]

Laticrete Hydro Ban Waterproofing Membrane

Laticrete Hydroban is a liquid membrane for waterproofing a tile shower

Laticrete Hydro Ban is a liquid waterproofing membrane that comes in a pail and can be applied with a paint brush, roller, or even a sprayer for large scale projects. Liquid waterproofing membranes are a type of underlayment commonly used in stone and tile installations where waterproofing is required for areas such as bathrooms, showers/tub […]