Glazing Bathroom Tile instead of Replacement

Refinishing outdated looking tile and bathtubs


You may be in a situation with only one bathroom in your home and going through a whole remodeling project may not be the complete answer for your budget.  One common option to fixing up an older bathtub is to hire a Bathtub Refinisher to repair scratches and spray high grade epoxy and urethane-acrylic paint products on your bathtub.  This is an application that can last many years to come with proper care and maintenance.

You typically don’t have to stop with just refinishing a bathtub because other bathroom fixtures like sinks and radiators can be renewed, as well.  Provided your wall tile in a shower area or wainscoting tile around the bathroom are in good shape, you can also have that refinished if you’re looking for a new appearance.

Here are some things to know if you want to Refinish Tile in your bathroom:

  • Refinishing is not a “forever” application, however, it can quickly change the look of unappealing tile colors.
  • Refinishing in a shower unit will not create any type of waterproofing or repair to existing leaking.
  • If there is any type of mold or mildew in grout (on a shower floor or shower walls) your best option is to obviously arrange a full replacement with a professional tile contractor.

If you’re trying to sell your home and do quick upgrades before listing your property just know that many homebuyers frown upon refinished tile in fear of trying to cover up damages…  Adding “Lipstick to the Pig” should not be any homeowners’ choice instead of engaging in a legitimate repair.  This is why it’s best to get in contact with qualified tile or refinishing contractor to survey the project before you make your final decisions and budget arrangements.

Renewing old bathtubs and tile walls with refinishing

AFTER photo from Capital Refinishing

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