Grouting Walls with a Drywall Mud Pan

saving money when grouting with epoxy or urethane products.

Grouting walls is a task in itself and can get very messy with plopping grout on the floor etc… if you’re not careful.  Using some type of barrier over top a tile floor will create less mess and clean up during the process.  When using a Urethane or Epoxy grout like QuartzLock2 or Laticrete SpectraLock Pro grout you have to work efficiently because of faster setting times and let’s face it…  grout is not Cheap so why waste it?

A simple way to conserve your product is to use a drywall mud pan below your float.  Hold it against the wall so any debris will fall right into the pan and then you can scoop it right back out and get it back on the wall.  This will increase your productivity and ultimately save you time.  There is quite a bit of learning curve since both hands are now full during this process but definitely worth your investment in the products you use.

A float with a longer nose will help you scoop grout out of the pan and makes life easier when you’re packing joints into the corners.  You can simply pull the grout up from the pan with the front side of the float and work it into the corners… leaving sufficient time for a good wash.  Keep in mind that when you’re using Laticrete SpectraLock grout that inside corners should be filled with silicone to eliminate grout cracks from movement.

Using a mud pan with Urethane grout is a bit easier since it’s premixed and has a much better working time.  Be sure to follow all the instructions when using a product like QuartzLock2 and only grout small portions before washing.  When you have buildup of grout in the mud pan, be sure to mix it back in with the existing grout in the bucket, whip up and then redistribute back to the walls… this will keep your mixture fresh throughout the process.

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