Preparing for a Tub to Shower Conversion with a Sliding Tub Bench

You may be in the process of needing a Tub to Shower Conversion due to medical reasons, physical therapy or just preparing to age in place but some situations may have you waiting to get the actual job done.  If your insurance company is covering the project, there’s always a period of time where quotes have to be obtained and funding has to be budgeted.  On the flip side, if you’re paying for the remodeling project out of pocket, you may find yourself saving the money or in a waiting period for the contractor to start the job.

Depending on your situation there may be the urgency of creating a quick and accessible fix to be able to use your bathtub in the meantime.  One of your safest options is to purchase a Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat which will provide you with a smooth transition into the shower area.  Whether you require assistance or not, this style of shower seat will lessen the chance of trips and falls while entering and exiting the shower.

You may be thinking this may be a wasted investment if your newly remodeled shower would not require this equipment…  In those thoughts, keep in mind that if you’re having a larger tile shower installed that building in a bench may take up too much room for roll in access.  You may also not want a second wheelchair to transfer into that would be your designated shower chair so having a removable piece can be in your best interest for general mobility and to whomever may be assisting you.  Obviously the chair is long enough to extend outside the shower area for easy transfer and of course, sliding yourself in does not take much work at all.

Another nice feature to this style shower bench is the swivel seat… allowing you to turn and move around easier.  Sometimes when there are too many built in features, you may have a hard time reaching soap, shampoo or even a personal spray wand adjustment.   Niches and shampoo shelves can be strategically placed so that a simple quarter or half turn with the seat will get you reaching your personal items with less stress.

Overall this is a nicely designed product to consider when you’re getting started with planning a successful installation.  A piece like this can be beneficial to use with your current tub unit and of course, planning into your new shower that will keep your money to good use and create an overall great investment.  Your quality of life is important, especially when personal hygiene can be affected by the wrong products or better yet… a professional that is not aware of different options that can assist you.

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