Storing your Margin Trowel

cheap tile tools for storage and clean working areasSetting tile can be a messy job especially if your tools are unorganized or hard to reach.  Many tile setters have a good pattern down to keep from creating more of a mess than necessary so that mortar or grout does not end up in the wrong places, stepped on and tracked through a home…  Well either way, drop clothes and other means of floor protection should be used from the front door to the work area.

A margin trowel is an all-purpose tool that gets used a lot throughout the day.  It also gets clumped with mortar and small enough to lose track of when you’re moving around a floor or tiling up a wall…  A simple and cheap solution to keep your margin trowel in a safe spot is to make your own magnetic clamp for the side of the mortar bucket.

All you need to do is purchase 3 small items at a local hardware store:

  • A 3 pack of magnets (or however many come in a pack)
  • A matching number of mini spring clamps.
  • A tube of PL Premium Construction Adhesive.

magnetic clamp to hold your margin trowel while tilingHaving a few extra on hand are a good thing because they eventually become a throwaway item…  but simply apply some glue to the spring clamp and then by sticking the magnet with the right side, it will hold itself into place until the glue dries.  This solution costs under $10.00 and will keep your tool off the floor and very reachable when doing wall applications.  You can simply change the clamp to other buckets but make sure to wipe down the magnet periodically.

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