[Product Review] QuartzLock2 Urethane Grout – 3 Day Formula

Grouting tile showers with QuartzLock2 Urethane grout.

Recently I’ve been forced to switch over grout because of Bostik’s formula change in the QuartzLock2 grout.  Just a little history… Bostik bought out Star Quartz (which both companies manufactured the same grout) awhile back but still manufactures QL2 which is available through Daltile. The previous formula which was most superior over the first version […]

Tips on Cleaning Grout

Proper maintenance and cleaners will lengthen your tile installation and reduce mold

Proper maintenance on your bathroom is definitely an area where you don’t want to skimp.  This is where a knowledgeable contractor can help you with the right selections to aid in the performance and promote cleanliness of the room.  If you’re seeking out a tile installation whether it’s a floor or shower area, your tile […]

Grouting Walls with a Drywall Mud Pan

saving money when grouting with epoxy or urethane products.

Grouting walls is a task in itself and can get very messy with plopping grout on the floor etc… if you’re not careful.  Using some type of barrier over top a tile floor will create less mess and clean up during the process.  When using a Urethane or Epoxy grout like QuartzLock2 or Laticrete SpectraLock […]